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EVS Reunion in Borås!!

Hej folks! Maybe you never notice, while you cross the streets of your city here in Sweden, but there is our silent invasion going on everyday, every year… there are lots of EVS volunteers all around Sweden! Read More  Read More

Anna and Vanesa, review of one-year EVS in Alvesta!

Volunteers in Alvesta, presenting short (or almost short) sketch: Iceberg: hidden life of the exhibition hall.   Read More  Read More

Are You Out Yet?! 2017, winter training in Kronoberg county

On December 1st our winter training, AYOY 2017, ended in lot of nostalgic tears of participants leaving Sweden. This year it came to be such a passionate and committed group of participants from Spain, Armenia, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary and Sweden. All the different personalities melted together in a very good chemistry, permitting a smooth and entertaining progress of the activities. Activities were greatly organized by our precious Swedish young volunteers, the Blast Beats group,... Read More