Anna and Vanesa, review of one-year EVS in Alvesta!

Volunteers in Alvesta,

presenting short (or almost short) sketch:

Iceberg: hidden life of the exhibition hall.



CAREFULL: (may include many photos!)

In Roles: Anna and Vanesa

Time goes fast and 11 months of  my EVS-adventure have passed already. And now I want to take a look back and  mention my life here. EVS include many things: new cultures, friends, language, discovering new places, parties. But the most important thing is the place where you spend near half of your time – “working”.

If you have read some of texts here earlier, you could notice I like making lists. Or even lists of lists, so in this “list” I will try to tell a bit about things we did during this year in Exhibition Hall.

Printing materials.

Probably this task one of the most usual and important at the same time. We create many different posters, flayers, invitations. Sometimes, they appear on web-pages of events, in newspapers or magazines and it makes me feel very proud.

But we don’t only design them in graphic programs, but also print, cut, laminate and hang around the city.

And it takes lots of time:)

Social media.

We are trying to share information about activities in Exhibition Hall in different ways, and one of them is social media.







So if you want to get to know more about our exhibitions – follow us in instagram (@alvesta_utstallningshall) or facebook (

Also I’ve created small videos about current exhibitions for Kommuns web-page.


Preparation of exhibitions may include different tasks: from looking for the information in Internet, designing “texts” to repairing objects and hanging them.











Exh.1 Our first exhibition. We spend a lot of time to find good way to work effectively together.

Hammer become your best friend and you spend hours calculating distances, putting nails, hanging things…

and climbing:) sometimes it takes days.






You also need to paint a lot. Mostly you work with boards for exhibitions…






but sometimes it could be something much funnier, like copying of painting from Tyrolen. Photo, where I paint it, have even appeared in newspaper.














Vanesa created very nice time-laps video about her working proses:


During last month I’ve talked a lot about painting, and for some people it could sound, like this is the only one thing we do. I can tell, I am very inspired about out current project/object for Christmas exhibition.







Textile exhibition:

One of our ”big summer tasks” was to create exposition about history of weaving. So during half of the summer, we were looking for objects, information (and translating it into Swedish), deciding the way to present it (the hardest part, as Vanesa and I had absolutely different ideas). And finally we did it).

txt1 txt2






Sometimes we also work with people, who have some connection to current exhibition,










Us with Siw Andersson, visiting her art studio.


Vanesa had very  important task with organizing old posters and articles from newspapers for about 20 years. She divided them related to the years and put in order in folders. And its hard to imagine, how much material she got. Articles was also exposed on the walls in exhibition hall.






Our own exhibition:

We had chance to create our own exhibitions.

My one was “Diary in sketches”. A visual diary through sketches about my stay in Sweden.

“Present, past”. An exhibition to reflect on the positive and negative changes, which occur in our environment.

perexh 1 perexh 2






Bokpärlan/Cultur källaren/library:

Also volunteers are involved in different activities. During this year we helped with photo exhibition, exhibition in library and different events in Culture Basement.









Cranes, napkins and many-many different things ^_^

Origami also became important part of our life 😀 We have made hundreds of cranes this year.

We created workshop ”Origami” for visitors, learned how to fold napkins

cr1 cr3







If you live in Sweden fika become part of your life, and it doesn’t matter where you work or what you do.








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