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Summer workers in SIP, good vibes and activities from EVS volunteers!

Young Summer Workers just landed in SIP this weeks! 


The youth of Växjö is hosted in SIP offices these weeks of early summer to gain some experience about how the social associations world works and having workshops about creativity, future job prospective and education. Läs mer

EVS arrival training in Stockholm

So we’re back from a new adventure!!!

It is scheduled for every EVS volunteer all around Sweden who started volunteering in the country in a certain range of time, to have an introduction seminar all together with the others in the capital city, Stockholm! Läs mer

Brace yourself, GOBI 2017 is coming!

Arrived at its 5^ edition this year, summer is coming and with the (hopefully) good weather will bring to Sweden lots of young participants for GOBI 2017!


Go Out Be In is the Youth Exchange funded by Erasmus+ program and organized by Globala Kronoberg focused on outdoor activities and living nature in Fyllerid, a beautiful park in the city of Växjö, the Europe’s greenest city!
This year will be youngsters from Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria and Spain to join a group of young swedes to enjoy the meeting of cultures and live all together the natural beauty of Sweden.   Läs mer

Facing disability and sports: Funkibator and volunteers in Fortnox Arena.


The volunteers from Globala Kronoberg were part of the ‘Science gym’ project that took place at the Fortnox Arena during the 2nd and 12th of May and launched my the Municipality of Växjö, Linneaus University and Funkibator (Nätverket SIP). Läs mer

Volunteering in Municipalities, Servet from Istanbul to Ljungby Kommun!

Hejsan allihopa!
This is Servet, the first and the one-and-only volunteer in town’s history!
Ochså trevligt att träffas!


I have come all that distance from Istanbul, a.k.a The City of Chaos, to one tiny but cosy town called Ljungby, to work as a EVS volunteer in Ljungby Kommun, thanks to the coordination of Globala Kronoberg. Regrets? Not even close. Bliss? Oh, yes, that’s what I mean! Läs mer