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Volunteering in Municipalities, Servet from Istanbul to Ljungby Kommun!

Hejsan allihopa!
This is Servet, the first and the one-and-only volunteer in town’s history!
Ochså trevligt att träffas!


I have come all that distance from Istanbul, a.k.a The City of Chaos, to one tiny but cosy town called Ljungby, to work as a EVS volunteer in Ljungby Kommun, thanks to the coordination of Globala Kronoberg. Regrets? Not even close. Bliss? Oh, yes, that’s what I mean! Läs mer

May 2017 Activities review, lots of love and fun in Växjö!

Last week, xjö Pride Week, has been extremely busy as well as exciting and funny!

18452510_1532986080069594_623467271_o Läs mer

Växjö Pride Week starts today! Our upcoming celebrations

Welcome in the most colorful week of the year! PRIDE WEEK starts today!



This year Globala Kronoberg is going to celebrate Pride not only by attending the Parade but also involving volunteers from abroad to share direct experiences of LGBTQ+ rights and situation in their home-countries.
This is the theme of the ”Cultural evening” that’s gonna be held in Växjö Biblioteket on May 12th between 15.00 – 16.00 o’ clock.

The presenting countries are going to be Spain, Ukraine and Italy, it means States which are truly interesting to be seen from a LGBTQ+ perspective due the fact that the issue still cause lots of fights and violations and raise attention and tension among the society.

If you want to know more about how LGBTQ+ community lives in Italy, Spain and Ukraine we will be waiting for you in our event ”Cultural Evening in the Library”!

See more details on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/403457893373143/

European Youth Week event – Globala Kronoberg’s Language Meeting in Palladium!

Hej! Did you know this week is the EUROPEAN YOUTH WEEK 2017?


European Youth Week is to celebrate solidarity among young people and also spread the word of Erasmus+ and EVS.
Globala Kronoberg has celebrated European Youth Week 2017 by having a special edition of the Language meeting in the Palladium Kulturhuset! Organising a Språkträff (language meeting) and offering a space for everyone who is interested in languages and cultures is our idea of creating a sociable and friendly environment to either learn or improve languages in a non-formal way and meet people of different origins with great stories to tell!

For the Fika corner there were original recipes from the table-countries such as Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Sweden and Portugal, but luckly we had the pleasure to host other new-entry language leaders like Turkey and Spain! Läs mer

New EVS volunteer in Globala Kronoberg, Debora from Italy

Hej folks!

Nice to meet you! I’m Debora, 25 years old just graduated International relations master’s student from Napoli, Italy.


Because of my studies I’ve heard a lot about Scandinavian countries and the Nordic system and lifestyle, so this is the first reason I’ve decided to apply for an EVS in Sweden: I’m here to catch your secret!
Obviously this is not the only reason; I came in Globala Kronoberg to work in the communication field which is one of my hobbies, aside with photography and politics. So it is so nice to have my hobbies turning into a job! Läs mer