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Anna and Vanesa, review of one-year EVS in Alvesta!

Volunteers in Alvesta, presenting short (or almost short) sketch: Iceberg: hidden life of the exhibition hall.   Read More  Read More

Are You Out Yet?! 2017, winter training in Kronoberg county

On December 1st our winter training, AYOY 2017, ended in lot of nostalgic tears of participants leaving Sweden. This year it came to be such a passionate and committed group of participants from Spain, Armenia, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary and Sweden. All the different personalities melted together in a very good chemistry, permitting a smooth and entertaining progress of the activities. Activities were greatly organized by our precious Swedish young volunteers, the Blast Beats group,... Read More

iNSPiRE! 2017 – International workshops event for Kronoberg’s youth

iNSPiRE! 2017 has been an unique event for Kronoberg’s youngsters, held by more than 20 youth leaders for all around Europe with workshops about Sport, Art, Human Rights and Environment. Read More  Read More

Are you out yet?! – Globala Kronoberg’s 2017 training begins

At the beginning it was hard to think about having a training about outdoor activities in the Swedish countryside of late November.                     But finally, the time came and we have 20 fearless youth leaders from Armenia, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Hungary staying in Kronoberg County for 10 days of truly Scandinavian experience! Read More  Read More

Servet’s thoughts about being an EVS volunteer

Hej igen, allihopa! Here I am, Servet from Ljungby, the town’s the one (erm, and only) volunteer, shouting out to you for another humble message, from the far, far midst of a greenest part of the land hidden amongst the thickest and massive trees as well as pellucid and serene lakes, where no train can find a home to pass by and blow out his nostalgic smoke, all gloomy and gray like the Swedish skies in winter… Oh wait, I must have read too much from Sven Ljungberg! Read... Read More

Winter is coming, but Lina’s mind is still in summer!

It’s the beginning of November. That means this time of the year has arrived when the sky is so gray that the sun can barely brake through the clouds and fog. When my new raincoat suddenly is the most important item that I own. The watches are changed and the colorful leaves are fallen to the ground, reminding us of the awesome autumn that we had. It’s time: winter is coming. But I’m definitely not ready for that. Not only because I’m a bit scared of the Swedish winter;... Read More

Kväll @ SIP is when the office turns into wonderland!

Don’t you know yet about Kväll @ SIP?! Nätverket SIP is our one of a kind office in Växjö. Every thursday it turns into wonderland at 17:00 o’ clock: there’s fika (swedish and international), biljard, tabletennis, console games, arcade games, culture quiz, music corner, language meeting, pins maker, DIY mandala, new friends, SIP workers and volunteers around and much more!! Read More  Read More

Blast beats leaders training for AYOY in SIP!

AYOY is soon coming, just one month left! Read More  Read More

SOHO experience in Växjö, perspective from our volunteer!

SOHO is a training organized within the programs of Erasmus+ for the Sending and Hosting organizations from all over the Europe and Partner Countries who happened to be hosted in our city, Växjö, this year! The participants went for a study visit in Nätverket SIP to meet Globala Kronoberg and our dear EVS volunteers who presented their experience in Sweden for the guests. The whole event was moving and funny, through Erasmus+ sort of a miracle happens in the world: interculture,... Read More

Projektor stödjer Julhjälpen i Växjö

Föreningen Projektor, en del av Nätverket SIP, stödjer Julhjälpen i Växjö. Gör det du också! Du kan swisha en gåva till 073-074 02 19 (märk Julhjälpen i Växjö) eller gå med i Facebook-gruppen och få information om julklappar som det söks stöd till.   Julhjälpen är till för behövande familjer, där de kan få hjälp med julklappar till barn från 0 till 18 år  Read More