Brace yourself, GOBI 2017 is coming!

Arrived at its 5^ edition this year, summer is coming and with the (hopefully) good weather will bring to Sweden lots of young participants for GOBI 2017!

Go Out Be In is the Youth Exchange funded by Erasmus+ program and organized by Globala Kronoberg focused on outdoor activities and living nature in Fyllerid, a beautiful park in the city of Växjö, the Europe’s greenest city!
This year will be youngsters from Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria and Spain to join a group of young swedes to enjoy the meeting of cultures and live all together the natural beauty of Sweden.  

Our Globala Kronoberg’s team is ready to start this year’s adventure, we just went to check the location this week and enjoyed time with our kind host.

If you want to know more about GOBI, check our website and read the Memory Book of the past edition, kindly written by our volunteers! You can follow every update from us on Facebook:

On our Youtube channel you can also enjoy some funny videos made by volunteers in the past years. Enjoy!

See you in July! 🙂


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