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EVS project in Alvesta- Exhibition Hall


EVS project in Alvesta municipality, Sweden
Art and culture


About Alvesta Exhibition Hall

Alvesta is a municipality with 19 000 inhabitants in the region of Småland, with an important train connection for the trains in the south of Sweden.
The Train station of Alvesta is an historical buildning partly managed by the municipality which organizes exhibitions in cooperation with local organisations, studios and schools. The second floor of the station is therefore used for art and culture goals: the old waiting room is used as an exhibition hall and holds temporary exhibitions open to the public; the old restaurant of the station is used by an antiquarium, managed by a local association.

The exhibition hall exists to promote and show the municipality`s history, culture, landscape, inhabitants and local organisations to its visitors. The target group of the Exhibition hall is travelers, visitors, school classes and people that come to the station to pick up travelers.
Examples of exhibitions hold by the Exhibition hall of Alvesta train station: painting and sculptures by the students of Grimslövs Folkhögskola, Japanese art, Islamic art and culture, Christmas exhibition. The Exhibition Hall also hosts poetry evenings and concerts.


Activities for volunteers:

The volunteer`s role is to help setting up exhibitions and creating communication tools. The volunteer will also participate in teambuilding, brainstorming and meeting local personnalities.

Here are some activities for the volunteers:
– Create posters and flyers about the exhibitions
– Document the exhibitions by pictures and films
– Update Facebook and website with news and advertisement for the Exhibition place
– Contact with twin towns of Alvesta in other countries to plan future projects and cooperations
– Help with material and equipment and putting up a new exhibitions
– Host visitors and guide them in the building explaining the history of the Train station, the culture of Alvesta
– Create an own exhibition with own creations or in cooperation with a local school or association

We are recruiting 2 volunteers and the projects dates are:  january 2017 to december 2017

We are looking for a volunteer who:
– is interested in art and culture and also in design/ media
– enjoys working in a team with people with different backgrounds
– is flexible and creative
– is willing to live in a small town environment

To know more about Alvesta and the Exhibition Hall please visit:
http://www.alvesta.se/ [1]
http://www.alvesta.se/Se–Gora/Utstallningshall/ [2]

If you are interested in this project please send your CV and motivation letter to: alvesta@globalakronoberg.se [3]