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EVS-project in Ljungby municipality

About Ljungby municipality

Ljungby kultur -och fritids mission is to contribute to residents’ health and well being, as well as provide good information of attractions and experiences to visitors / tourists in Ljungby municipality. We know that active leisure combined with relaxation leads to a more active and healthier life. The is important to move and exercise. It’s also importent to enrich the human mind with the different expressions of culture, which stimulate creative thinking and help us to relax in a time of stress. Culture-and Leasure time  supports and encourages especially sports, cultural happenings and other social activities targeted at children, adolescents and young adults. The management includes the public library, music school, cultural events, sporting facilities and recreational areas, leisure centers, tourist office, sport, recreation,  the cultural  area ”Ljungby Old Square”, and cultural and recreational activities. We also manage grants allocation to associations and educational associations.

The municipality consists of the town of Ljungby and many small towns in the vicinity of the city, and is located approximately 60 kilometers from Växjö, who is the capital city of the region. The city itself contains 15.000 inhabitants. Ljungby is rich on nature and has a lot of cultural landscape. The river “Lagan” runs past the city and there are several beaches around the municipality. There is also the opportunity for canoeing and fishing. Ljungby is has a rich cultural history, with a several famous writers, film makes, and artist living and working in the municipality, from the beginning of the century until todays date. In the city center one can see the remains of the the history trough the architectural buildings, and there is several clothing shops, cafes and small boutiqes. There is also  schools, foodshops, a library and several bars.

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Volunteer tasks

The volunteers will be part of the every day work and planning in the different parts of the municipality department. The volunteer will have their base in Ljungby youth center, but they will also spend time in other departments as the library, the tourist office and in the sports area. The main task is to meet, support, interact and inspire the youth at the youth center through games, activites and conversations. What characterizes the work at the youth center is that the goal in the meetings with young people, the aim is to creating a lasting and supporting relationship with the youths, and to acknowledge and see the people comes to the center.

Typical task for the volunteers will be to take part in everything the staff do, such as theme-nights, cooking classes, excursions, movie nights etc. Talk and interact with the youngsters, listen to their own ideas and encourage them to put them into practice. In addition to above tasks the volunteer will as well with other staff plan and execute semester activities, visits to secondary schools in Ljungby, planning and implementing EVS-related activities for youth. If the volunteer has special interest in sports, arts, culture or anything he or she are encouraged to developed this into activities in the center.

At the tourist office the volunteer will do everything from ordering broschyrs, cleaning, answer mails, social media, create reportage, make interviews,  meet customers and more. Learning outcomes: The volunteer will learn a lot about the Ljungby municipality and its attractions.  In the office they will meet tourists from all over the world, practice their english/other langue and learn about customer service. The volunteers will discover the municipality,  the natural areas and the attractions of Ljungby municipality.

At the library, meetings with people of all ages happens. The volunteer will be part of  every day work and activities, doing task such as lending and returning books, keep order in bookshelves and magazine racks, perhaps review of the magazines available and come up with suggestions for new / other magazines that can fit a specific audience better. Be a link between the different language groups (depending on the volunteer’s background), plan and implement their own activities, for example reading aloud to younger children with a different language. Accompany the library bus out, including to asylum places in the municipality.

A typical task for the volunteer will be to help document the Culture -and leasure time department. This will happen trough films, photos, texts, interviews ect. Bigger or smaller projects, depending in the volunteers interest.


Accomodation, money and local transport
The volunteer will live either in a shared appartment or in a family house in Ljungby. He/she will have a single room  will be sharing kitchen and bathroom with others. The volunteers will have access to bicycles. If the volunteer has it’s accomodation outside of Ljungby city the coordination organisation will provide with a buscard.
The volunteer will receive 115 Euros as pocket money and around 200 Euros as food money.  The volunteer will as well have swedish lessions ca 2-5 times per week.

Profile of the volunteer

We are recruiting 2 volunteers for a 6 + 6 months project starting in March 2017. We are looking for a volunteer that is engaged in youth activities and enjoy both participating in activities and arrange activities his/herself. We also want a volunteer that understand to be a good role model for young people, and accept the non-drug and alcohol policy we have in all our activities, and want to support young people in their own development. The volunteer will see and meet all members of a swedish society, so it’s importen that the volunteer truly understand the concept of every bodys equal value. It is as well positive if the volunteer have an interest in media and communication, due to that there is a possibility to document the municipality trough films or photo.

Project period: The period is divided in two parts; Part one is the 1: march -31 august, And the second period is between the 1:august until  the 28th February

Contact and application
To know more about Ljungby and the the youth center please visit: http://www.ljungby.se/Uppleva-och-gora/Fritidsgardar/

If you are interested in this project please send your CV and motivation letter in English to ljungby@globalakronoberg.se before the 16th of september 2016.