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EVS-project in Nätverket SIP


The network SIP is a different and unique umbrella network which has it’s base in southern Sweden. The network works with social change in practice by encouraging entrepreneurship and personal development.  We who work here want to make society more available and democratic. We do this in our work by using new media and new technologies; and sharing knowledge and skills development. Within the network there are 4 legal organizations; Projector association, Funkibator association, Tender Loving Caring association (TLC),  and a social enterprise (PIX). In addition to the formal organizations there are temporary networks, groups, projects, businesses and individuals operating as a part of, or together with, SIP.

Today SIP works with many different areas, for instance with the labor market, young entrepreneurship, disability, democracy, international affairs, education, culture, and digital media. At the network we work concretely with these topics by publishing in newspapers, having public lectures, holding distance learning courses and courses at folk high schools, starting pilot studies for future projects as well as implementing projects, coaching and providing business guidance and much more. The network also runs a center for international affairs (Global Kronoberg) and a distance learning course on behalf of Grimslövs college.



The project

The volunteers accepted in this project will work with our team of media, communication and IT. They will work practically with hardware and software together with the Networks IT-team: fix old computers and equipment, install programs, give support to the employees of the organisation, coordinate the booking of the equipment and material for the activities arranged in the association, and give support during conferences, lectures and activities. Besides that, the IT-team also works with activities and projects that involve the community (especially children and youngsters) in the digital world. The volunteers will arrange activities, create flyers, websites, posters, spread ideas and projects through social media, etc. Furthermore, the IT-team works with developing new creative tools that are used by our different projects, such as  podcasts, videos, cinema equipment, video-games, etc.  Thereby the two volunteers in this project will be involved in both the technical support and in the creation of the digital material and arranging activities for youngsters.


  • Assist during video game evening for youngsters
  • Assist in creation of podcast session in Projektor (prepare equipment, give instructions, record the session and post it in the chosen platforms)
  • Prepare room and equipment for evening activities (prepare projector and sound equipment, clean and set up the room, prepare fika)
  • Create a movie about EVS
  • Update homepages
  • Help fixing technical issues of 10 computers that were donated to the network SIP
  • Assist and participate during youth activities about Mine Craft
  • Assist and participate during youth activities about Programming
  • Create posters and flyers


Candidates´ profile and recruitment process

We are looking for a volunteer who:

– Enjoys practical work

– Enjoys working in a team with people with different backgrounds

– Is flexible and creative, enjoys both office work (planing, meetings, brainstorming) but also enjoys participating in, and organize activities with young people and other more practical tasks.

– is interested in digital and social media and IT

-is interested in creating videos and taking pictures



If you are interested in this project, please send your CV and a motivation letter (both documents in English) to globala@globalakronoberg.se. Write ”SIP`s project” in the e-mail´s subject, so that we can easily recognize the project you are applying for.

Project time: 1th April 2017 – 31th March 2018