Globala goes multilingual – a review of the first language meeting

In October it was the first time that we in Globala Kronoberg organized a language meeting in the premises of Nätverket SIP and invited people not only from SIP but also from outside to join.


Since our organisation is able to draw on a wide network of different cultures, languages and personalities here in Växjö , it was obvious to us to take this as an opportunity to offer a space for everyone who is interested in languages and cultures. It was also a chance to meet new people in an international atmosphere, become involved in cultural exchange and share knowledge and experiences with each other – everything what Globala Kronoberg stands for.

Our idea was to create a sociable and friendly environment to either learn or improve languages in a non-formal way and meet people of different origins with great stories to tell – and we can definitely say that the language meeting had been a great success in every aspect!


Thanks to EVS-Volunteers, friends and co-workers we could offer different languages for the participants to learn and improve. Besides Swedish and Spanish there were also native speakers from Syria, Italy, France and Germany who contributed their mother tongues to the meeting. We have noticed that such a kind of event attracts a big interest and that many people were looking for an opportunity like our language meeting.

After a short presentation about the background of the language meeting and Globala Kronoberg, it only took a short time until the conversations at the different language tables had become animated and interesting topics shown up. It was a very enjoyable evening and we received so much positive feedback that we have decided to arrange this event on a regular base.



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