An experience I will never forget


I can’t believe my experience now is going to finish and 10 months are already behind me. The time flew so fast that I didn’t have the possibility to get bored. Now that I was starting to get use to this life, it is almost time to pack my luggage again and leave for another adventure.

They have been 12 intensive months, and this experience gave me much more than what I was expecting when I arrived here. It gave me the possibility to live abroad and be independent, to improve my English, to learn how to work in an international team, to meet a lot of people from all over the world, to travel around all Sweden and to fill my eyes with breathtaking landscapes.

I had the possibility to join the summer activities (I explained them in the last blog text), cultural events and to be always surrounded from international people. And although sometimes is really sad to have to greet the volunteers that leave after their EVS, it is always happy to remember the time spent together with the awareness you have a new friend somewhere in the world.
Furthermore, new volunteers joined the Kronoberg world in the last weeks to start their adventure!

Besides to all what happened here related with my work, I had also the possibility to travel a lot.
For example in October I went with Laura, my flatmate and colleague, in a backpacker trip in east Europe. We visited Gdansk, Warsaw, Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki travelling mostly by bus. An adventure impossible to forget!






If you are in Sweden during the winter time, you have to organize a trip in the extreme North of the country. Always with the same travelmate, I had an amazing experience in Kiruna and Abisko. We experienced the real swedish cold, the high snow and the northern lights. For sure one of the best experiences in my life!


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