Are You Out Yet?! 2017, winter training in Kronoberg county

On December 1st our winter training, AYOY 2017, ended in lot of nostalgic tears of participants leaving Sweden.
This year it came to be such a passionate and committed group of participants from Spain, Armenia, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary and Sweden. All the different personalities melted together in a very good chemistry, permitting a smooth and entertaining progress of the activities.

Activities were greatly organized by our precious Swedish young volunteers, the Blast Beats group, around the topic of team-building, self-confidence and leadership, outdoor activities and working with youngsters.

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The participants had also the chance to get to know more about Sweden and Scandinavian traditions, just like having fika, preparing for a white Christmas drinking Glogg, living in a traditional countryside red stuga, collecting around the fire, playing in the snow (not very lasting tho) and dress properly for the cold!

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Their goal in the 10-days training was creating a Method Book, as a useful and funny guide for other youth workers, and organize workshops for the youth in Kronoberg attending the big event of iNSPiRE! 2017. The latter was absolutely the most exciting and energizing activity of the whole training, as the participants themselves said, and they would absolutely repeat the experience again and again!

Focusing on the panels Human Rights, Art, Sport and Environment was a good chance to develop their own knowledge and curiosity as well as the youngster’s attending the workshops.

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See you next year then, hoping for the same amazing experience to happen again!!

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