EVS arrival training in Stockholm

So we’re back from a new adventure!!!

It is scheduled for every EVS volunteer all around Sweden who started volunteering in the country in a certain range of time, to have an introduction seminar all together with the others in the capital city, Stockholm!








Lucky enough to have it in June, we experienced the best arrival training ever, blessed with the nicest environment, beautiful new people and warm and sunny days.









The atmosphere was just the best to have fun all together, a poutpourri of European cultures mixed together in another mysterious country we still need to discover.
All of the trainers were kindly taking care of us, and we had also lot of time to get to know the city (you know, the sun almost never go down in this season!!)

Now we’re looking forward our midterm training in autumn as well, and so to meet again all this awesome people doing EVS from all around this beautiful country and share our experiences.

Vi ses i Stockholm!

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