EVS Reunion in Borås!!

Hej folks!

Maybe you never notice, while you cross the streets of your city here in Sweden, but there is our silent invasion going on everyday, every year… there are lots of EVS volunteers all around Sweden!


Just joking, we doesn’t want to conquer you or whatever, we are the Erasmus generation full of will of change and give impact and good vibes to the world <3

Since we are a lot, and we spread commitment in every step we take during our period abroad as EVS, we are also bounded to each others in our hosting country like a true family.
Being an EVS volunteer basically gave to me brothers and sisters everywhere in the world.

The reunion of our EVS family in Sweden was organized by our fellow EVS volunteers in Borås, a very pretty city near Gothenburg. They receive strong support by the municipality, who’s very committed in the Erasmus+ projects and is happy to spread the word of these opportunities among the Swedish youth, to encourage them taking the step we decided to take.

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So each of us brought cards, arts, pictures, articles, etc in order to share our own EVS experience with the local youngsters and inspire them to take action!

We also had occasion to stay all together, play games and have workshops about improving our work here, all in only two days!

I’m so grateful of the opportunity and the time of my life I’m having here, and I’m even more grateful for all the amazing people I’m meeting and becoming my new big-bigger-biggest international family!!

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