Fall season start event: Cultural Evening in Växjö Bibliotek!

Hey lovely readers of SIP blog!

It’s me, Maria, again on another interesting event we had last week.

As they say – new month, new adventures, so Globala opened the fall season of events with a nice and cozy afternoon in Växjö library with the ‘Cultural evenings’, where us the volunteers presented their counties and have a little international fika and discussing the interesting topic of sustainability in Bulgaria and Germany.

The event was very successful as many people came after the presentation to talk to us and seem quite interested in our opinion.

But the best of all was the FIKA, which everyone enjoyed and were asking about.

We have to give a special ‘THANKS’ to our warm hosts from Växjö Stadsbibliotek for the arrangements, and we can’t wait for our next meeting.

Come and join us on the 8th of December for more interesting discussions and tasty international fika.

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