Goodbye GOBI 2017!

It’s already passed one week since Go Out Be In V summer 2017 is ended. 

ph. Daniel Eklund
ph. Daniel Eklund

People are gone, Fyllerydstuga is ready to host other organizations and adventures, volunteers are back to ordinary life and Globala Kronoberg is back to office.

But the mark left in our memory is permanent, and we will always miss that time spent together.
It is not only about have new friendships in our life, but also about new knowledge in our backpack because of the meeting of cultures and backgrounds which is not that common to find in our path.








Each day in GOBI’s schedule was themed: one day for getting to know each others and team building, nature and outdoor games day on tuesday, then the sport’s day, friday for urban day in the city, saturday for cultural diversity and dialogue.








We broke our routine, stereotypes, fears, and walls during only one week!

For this and for all the rest, WE THANK YOU ALL.

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