Language Meeting Karaoke Edition!


Seems like we’ve lot of singers around Växjö!

On September 14th our monthly appointment with the Globala Kronoberg’s Language Meeting turned with a big big news this time: KARAOKE CORNER!

We’ve enjoyed language tables as Italian, Bulgarian, Arabic, French, Hungarian, Portoguese, Swedish and songs even from China, Korea and Germany sung by mothertongue participants!
Listening to new music is always a discovery, we found out new amazing artists from all around the world and have the pleasure to listen to totally new sounds!

We want to say THANK YOU to all the participants for the amazing company and funny time, we’re looking forward seeing and listen to your songs again for the next Language Meeting Karaoke Event on October 11th!

Keep going singing all together in the rain of Växjö! 😀


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