Marie Simart : Self introduction

Hej hej everybody ! My name is Marie, I’m 23 and I’m an EVS volunteer from Tours, in France. I arrived in Växjö last Wednesday, and I’m here for one month, to work with the Globala’s team.

My sending organisation is called “Les Compagnons Bâtisseurs”, its work is to deal with unhealthy houses problems and energetical care. I worked with them during six months. My missions there as a volunteer was to take part in restoration work in the inhabitants house, by showing them how to do and supporting them to be part of the work. I also animated games and work teams for the energetic care, created some posters about that subject and wrote the association’s newsletter. So I learned a lot of things with the other volunteers of this association, which were for most of them EVS people. Working with them gave me the desire to have an experience abroad, that’s why I’m here this month !

Living abroad is a way to discover an other way of life (actually, dealing with the snow is another way of life for me, and it’s not an easy thing), an other culture, which are for me the first things to do to open its mind. I’m gonna focus on two objectives in Globala’s team : the Earth Week and the writing of my experience abroad. So I will post every weeks an article about my life here as a french girl. Don’t worry, I’ll make that absolutely fascinating… At east I’ll try !

See you soon, then!


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