New EVS volunteer in Globala Kronoberg, Debora from Italy

Hej folks!

Nice to meet you! I’m Debora, 25 years old just graduated International relations master’s student from Napoli, Italy.

Because of my studies I’ve heard a lot about Scandinavian countries and the Nordic system and lifestyle, so this is the first reason I’ve decided to apply for an EVS in Sweden: I’m here to catch your secret!
Obviously this is not the only reason; I came in Globala Kronoberg to work in the communication field which is one of my hobbies, aside with photography and politics. So it is so nice to have my hobbies turning into a job!

Actually, this is even the perfect location for my photography obsession: the city of Växjö just look like what we would call in italian ”Bomboniera”, which means something small/lovely/fancy all together in one word. I think it’s just perfect to describe this pretty and lively city!

Just going around with the bike, get some fika in the city center and go reading in front of the lake is what makes me really enjoy to live in here. Since I come from the third biggest city of Italy, this feeling of quietude is totally new for me.

What else I love from Sweden? Sweets!! Especially Kanelbullar, of course, which we baked at home for the sake of my actual biggest hobby: eating! Hopefully I’m going to do it a lot during this amazing year.

See you around in Växjö!

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