Servet’s EVS adventures in Ljungby kommun

Hejsan allihopa!

This is Servet again, shortly writing about my adventure in the first four month of EVS in Ljungby kommun.


Maybe a tiny tiny town in a big big land, in the midst of a deep vast green calm.
At times most alone; mostly a sweetest den, for this city boy from a chaotic damn.

In town, I took part for the first time in my life to a truly traditional Swedish celebration.
”Midsommar”. The celebration of the summer’s official arrival. The bliss of the sun’s bountiful blessings.

More than a festivity to blow yourself out with booze, food, and laughter, but a sublime gathering to bring families, loveones, neighbours, people together.

Yearly strengthening the ties between one another. Binding them even tighter. Pouring joy into each other’s souls. Handing down the old memories to the young ones, reminiscing what was there behind.

Reminding oneself of that life, despite all the evil and unfortunate, is beautiful.

I had also a great honor to participating in the performance of a Swedish original theatre commedy, ”Ricky Riddare” in Lagan.

I had the time of my life during this unique experience, so amusing!!

I’m enjoying every minute of my time in this country.
See you in my next adventure!

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