SOHO experience in Växjö, perspective from our volunteer!

SOHO is a training organized within the programs of Erasmus+ for the Sending and Hosting organizations from all over the Europe and Partner Countries who happened to be hosted in our city, Växjö, this year!

The participants went for a study visit in Nätverket SIP to meet Globala Kronoberg and our dear EVS volunteers who presented their experience in Sweden for the guests.

The whole event was moving and funny, through Erasmus+ sort of a miracle happens in the world: interculture, exchange, solidarity…

Our volunteer from France, Alix tried to express this strong feeling in words! Let’s spread his thoughts and help him find a pertinent word for that 🙂 

Morning thoughts: On Friday night, i met a lot of people from different countries. Now this, represents a big part of being in EVS and especially the one that i was looking for going on this adventure. I had a really great time, essentially receiving from people doing presentations about their home country and what they were doing with their organisations, telling us a bit, just a few minutes each, about what was going on in their lives. Some would show us videos, or make us dance while others would sing traditionnal songs. Point being this evening, of a cultural meeting nature, was about sharing. Would it be the energy i had to give on the dancefloor, participating in some of the dancing, or just be deeply moved by an a cappella song telling the story of a son singing his sorrow to his dad, it felt truly amazing being part of this. Actually, we even had trouble puting a name on this feeling with Joana and Lina on our way home We just couldn’t quite manage to describe it, being in a room full of people from all around the world, experiencing the sharing and bonding.
We have yet to name that feeling, however, may you help us if you somehow happen to think of what we couldn’t, that will be very much appreciated. I can only say what i do know, that after a good night of sleep, on the saturday morning i wrote the following text right after waking up, in my bed. This is what i needed to write and share to Joana and Lina about our discussion and this feeling, and that i feel like sharing you now. I hope you’ll find it inspiring or at least that you’ll enjoy it. ?
Going further than just the sharing/giving opinion i gave yesterday, i would say that, as human being, we often wonder what is the purpose of our lives and how to fullfill it. Now, even if i obviously don’t have the answer to that question (supposing there’s only one answer) i think that humanity is bonded by something far more powerfull than what’s currently keeping it divided. The knowledge that we are all in this together no matter what a few presidents will say. Because, no matter where you come from on this planet, we are all made out of stars and i think that should help us connect to one another, in a spiritual way. One other important thing is, still, we are growing and living in places all over the world and it means being taught some lessons that will be specific to each one of these places. From that point we develop some kind of individual identity that some people will be proud of and others ashamed of, maybe, but if anything, it will be knowledge from and for the human race itself, for collective memory. And i can’t really think of a better purpose as human beings, than to gather up and share what we are proud or ashamed of, who we are, and where we come from, as a gift for a comunity way larger than any country existing. Thats what i think we may be experiencing during international meetings, not only reaching out to people, but also connecting on a spiritual level, even if we don’t necessarely recognize it on the instant. And of course, what a great feeling of achievement it is.


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