Sommarjobbare in da house!

Mycket spännande!

It is this exciting time of the year again!!

The beginning of this week we welcomed this year’s summer workers at SIP. Globala and Drömmanars this year take in 27 youngsters for three weeks. During the three weeks, our summer workers will work with an exciting project which requires a lot of tresearch, discussion and team work. (Wanna know what it is? Find the hints on our Facebook page!) Our ”dutiga” summer workers will also help with SIP’s greenhouse project, and other practical work around the house. They will also work together to create a method book for youth activities.

Apart from work, we planned several study visits during these three weeks for our young workers. They will visit Utvandranarshus, Sveriges radio, Turistbyrån and Konsthallen to learn more about the city Växjö and how different organizations work! Very exciting, isn’t it?

For us it is not always easy to plan and organize summer workers’ job and learning with us. Sometimes it can be a little bit chaotic. However, it is indeed very rewarding to interact with these youngsters, guide them, work with them, get to know and learn from them.

See you all after Midsummer!

Glad midsommar!