Video-, konsol- och PC-spelhäng på torsdagar

Hey hej! I am Gianluca Totilo, responsible for the Gaming group!
We plan on playing Arcade Multiplayer games, like Tricky Towers or Golf With Your Friends, as well as Party Games; but we will not stop there, we will put an XBOX One to play with games like NHK, Enter The Gungeon and many others. We will try to put up a way to play directly online (for now we are thinking about creating a group on Steam if enough people agree with the idea; should the player prefer console gaming, we will check for other solutions so that we can play all together even online), but we will still put up positions opened to play from here. We have some board games ready to be played too like Arboretum, Dixit, Coup, Munchkin, Exploding Kittens and others!

A Discord group will be created so that the participant can interact and every week we will involve you with the choices for the games that will be played the following week.

Ledare och kontakt: Gianluca Totilo

När: Torsdagar

Tid:  15:00-17:00

Plats: Mästeriet, Infanterigatan 10, Växjö

För vem: För dig som är ungdom eller vuxen, som är intresserad av dator- eller konsolspel, och vill spela tillsammans med andra. Vår ledare pratar engelska men det går bra att vara med oavsett dina språkkunskaper i engelska 🙂

Anmälan: Krävs ej, men meddela gärna Gianluca att du kommer, så han kan möta upp dig: mejla honom på

Hope to see you soon!
Gianluca Totilo