Volunteering in Municipalities, Servet from Istanbul to Ljungby Kommun!

Hejsan allihopa!
This is Servet, the first and the one-and-only volunteer in town’s history!
Ochså trevligt att träffas!

I have come all that distance from Istanbul, a.k.a The City of Chaos, to one tiny but cosy town called Ljungby, to work as a EVS volunteer in Ljungby Kommun, thanks to the coordination of Globala Kronoberg. Regrets? Not even close. Bliss? Oh, yes, that’s what I mean!

Having majored in English philology and literature, I am a big enthusiast for cultures, languages, and foreign lands both from a personal and professional point of view. And Scandinavian lands have always been an irresistable center of attraction to me with their own. Thus, with these reasons all together, I jumped at this EVS project in Sweden, knowing that I will not only get to work but also to put in more fruitfully and more diversely to my life in a professional and informal way at the same time. And now here I am in Ljungby!


After spending nearly all my lifetime in a concrete jungle burdened with an overwhelming crowd, Sweden feels to be a heavenly place and Ljungby simply thrills my senses, offering me another language to learn, another culture to blend within, and a new home to explore, thus helping me enjoying myself while I also need to work. Yet, truth be told, going around the city and seeing it to its remotest streets and greeneries, interacting with welcoming and kind people to a personal extent, practicing my broken little Swedish, fikaing more often than not, I cannot help believing that it is just more than a job I am doing here, but experiencing one-time ride in my lifetime.

And what not! Though I am quite new around here in Sweden and there are thousands of fikas to go on, a myriad of underbart words to learn, and fickle weathers to witness, and the thrilling Swedish quietude to enjoy, yet, jag bara hoppas att jag ska ha det så trevligt!

Till later, vi ses i Ljungby!

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