Volunteers adventure in Alvesta kulturrundan 2017!

The three of us:

Debora from Italy, Lina from Germany and Anna from Ukraine +

a car = towards the infinity and beyond (of Swedish countryside!)















Our magical team went around the Alvesta Kommun to enjoy this amazing treasure-hunt trip, ”Kulturrundan”.
It is about a map with lots of destinations related to handicraft, art and small cultural or commercial activities in truly Scandinavian style.

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Since none of us is Swedish and there was no specific address in the map in was twice of an adventure: 1^ step is to understand where the location is, 2^ is to get there!

After struggling a bit with this, we managed to reach around 10 of the places, so we can say we are pretty satisfied!

Events like Kulturrundan are precious to let you truly fall deep in the Swedish culture and taste original local flavours and company!

Thanks all for this amazing experience, see you in the next adventure!



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