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Volunteers in Alvesta,

presenting short (or almost short) sketch:

Iceberg: hidden life of the exhibition hall.


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On December 1st our winter training, AYOY 2017, ended in lot of nostalgic tears of participants leaving Sweden.
This year it came to be such a passionate and committed group of participants from Spain, Armenia, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary and Sweden. All the different personalities melted together in a very good chemistry, permitting a smooth and entertaining progress of the activities.

Activities were greatly organized by our precious Swedish young volunteers, the Blast Beats group, around the topic of team-building, self-confidence and leadership, outdoor activities and working with youngsters.

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iNSPiRE! 2017 has been an unique event for Kronoberg’s youngsters, held by more than 20 youth leaders for all around Europe with workshops about Sport, Art, Human Rights and Environment. Läs mer