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Yesterday we had a very nice evening, surrounded of poetry and music. We went to Musikhuset to have a workshop about recycling. The work’s material were old books, magazines and T-shirts.


We had two very nice teachers that introduced us in Blackout Poetry, a very nice technique to create visual poetry. We start cutting papers from the books and selectioned some random words that we were going marking. Words and poetry started to appear, and we start to improvising and decorating our papers. After that, it was the time to created our amazing bags, made with old t-shirts.

We had a very wonderful evening, and we went home feeling creative persons, with open mind and with energy to continue creating. 



Cities, like people, are beautiful each in their own way.


The 2nd of February. I am waiting uncertainly in the line for a passport control at the airport in Yerevan. I just arrived. Butterflies in my stomach and a million thoughts in my head but above all one main…..did I make a good decision leaving comfortable and safe Sweden for a country I do not know anything about except the number of population and the name of the capital? Nobody can answer this question. Even I will get to know the answer only in one year, when my project is going to be over…..

…..night….the taxi carries me into the unknown. The uncertainty mixed with the curiosity is increased by tiredness. Eyes curiously stare at the shapes looming up in the darkness behind the window and try to decipher neon signs and inscription on the buildings. They try, but….this attempt makes me falling into even greater doubter. I wonder if it will be possible to understand this strange pictograms and language which suddenly became to surround me from all sides.

The feeling of uncertainty disappears for one day when I come to the organization. The big poster on the wall with the picture of me and children from my previous EVS job in Spain says Welcome Malgo. It makes me smile and directly bring great memories but at the same time it creates new questions in my head…how I am going to manage the work here? How long it takes to adapt? Is it even possible to adapt in the country there culture is so different than in Europe?

The next step is to become familiar with my new work, where I am going to spend the next few months. The Centre for children with disabilities. I am shown the facilities and presented my future co-workers. Already after a few minutes I become so confused that I do not remember any of the names and I do not know in which part of the building I actually stay. So many new faces… teachers, therapist and children…. But already today, after more than two weeks working there I am familiar with this place. Strangers become friends, children have names…. Avetis, Alen, Susi, Arina, Aram, Nikolaj, Erik, Elen, Mariam…it is only few names of all 48 children….children and their unforgettable smiles.

Yerevan…. Somebody once said that “cities, like people, are beautiful each in their own way”. Yerevan with many buildings built of cheerful pink colour stone tufa contrasting with the blue sky over them tells its own story. Full of small nuances, revealing daily sense and nonsense makes me sometimes smile, sometimes confused. The breathtaking view over the city from the top of Cascad at night gives the solace…. .


Malgorzata Witczak (Malgo)



Olá! Olarilolé!
I’m Rita, the volunteer in Kulturhuset Palladium for 2015!
Arrived in cool Växjö almost two months ago, directly from the magical capital of Portugal, Lisbon!
Being here in Sweden is a long-time dream come true! Thrilled, walking on air and delighted with this city’s enchantments, I’m ready to make the most out of this year!
Graduated in Communication and Culture, worked in the cultural sector for over 5 years, took some curious steps in diverse art fields, and now the time has come to jump into Palladium and immerse myself in its artistical essence.
It is an absolute honour to be able to work in this beautifully inspiring cinema theatre which this year reaches the amazing age of 90! Hurra!
I’m passionate about getting to know different cultures and finding similarities and common points with my own (by the way, Swedish culture is very well positioned on my top 5 list). I believe this makes me feel and think more Global. I also believe that every human being can create art. With this being said, I end up by declaring that my main wish is to contribute to Palladium’s ideal, being a culture house for everyone.