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My time being a volunteer in Sweden


Hello everyone, my name is Mihail Daskalov (Mike) and I waited to make my blog post for so long, because I wanted to have a broader perspective on my stay and work in Sweden as a volunteer. Let me start off, where I started.

It was May third, 2014 and I just arrived in Sweden through Denmark from Sofia, Bulgaria. I arrived in a sunny day in a town called Växjö where I was met by my future colleagues. By that time I knew that nothing will be the same, there was no going back, not in a physical way, but a mental. I knew I was going to work with graphic design, my profession and passion, however I wasn’t prepared for what I had in store next.

When I go back to last summer, my work has been very different in nature and very dynamic. We organized many activities for young people here in Sweden and an international youth exchange with over 30 people. These have been great experiences and gave me a different perspective on life. These practical jobs, including working with a lot of people, every day gave me a well-deserved mental break so I could think and find a clear path for my life. And then, the other part of the work I have been doing is in known waters, graphic design. I did a lot of marketing materials for the organization I was working for and it felt good. I got to meet and talk to, even spend time with a lot of amazing people, which really changed my personality. I became a more open yes-man so to say ever since I started my EVS. If I was to summarize the whole experience in a few words, they would be: “A constant upward learning curve mixed with unexpected experiences”.

Another amazing part of my volunteership was traveling, and it was really good as I got to do it with friends. I got to visit many places in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and also I got the opportunity to learn a new language! The feeling of communicating in the mother tongue, in the country where you are is great!

I can say that I am motivated to live after this experience and I would recommend it to the bold and brave!


Stay fresh,


Guitar Workshop


Yesterday we had great day. We had guitar workshop in Musik Huset . We divided into three groups. Each group has been 4 persons with teacher. They taught us for each person how to play guitar  in details . They gave us  tips for playing.P1110433

  1. To get good touch in our strumming hand
  2. With our left hand , fret the strings as close to the frets as possible . This will reduce buzzing an the chords will ring clearer .
  3. We learnt ring finger …. C, D, G, E

All of us started to play together .  We have nice music .

We had perfect and funny day. P1110430  P1110416


Mitt namn är Skye och jag kommer att vara praktikant på Globala Kronoberg under fem veckors tid.  Jag studerar mitt första år på Kulturverkstan, en utbildning för interkulturella projektledare inom kultursektorn, i Göteborg. Under denna praktikperiod så kommer jag att pendla från Älmhult, där jag växte upp och där jag har min familj.

Jag ser fram emot att få ta del av hur de arbetar på Globala Kronoberg, få vara med på de olika moment som kan ingå och att få tillfälle att testa de verktyg och den kunskap som jag har samlat på mig i skolan detta år. Det ska bli spännande att få träffa alla som arbetar inom nätverket SIP och få vara del av denna arbetsplats under en kort men säkert väldigt intensiv och rolig tid.

På fritiden så tycker jag om att promenera med min hund Capitan, träna på Friskis och Svettis, måla, läsa, se filmer och dansa salsa. Fråga mig om ni undrar något och kom gärna fram och berätta lite om vad ni gör, både på och utanför jobbet.

Ha en bra dag!