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EVS Winter tales


Hej! It’s EVS volunteer Debora writing here.

New year came and my EVS experience in Sweden is soon to end in March.

It is crazy to think I was here for almost 4 whole seasons already! And, since I come from the very south of Italy, at first winter was the most scary part of the adventure to come. In my city it NEVER EVER snow, or even reach zero degrees of temperature, so I’m totally not used to a white Christmas or a snowy daily life.

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It started snowing just a bit in late November, but it wasn’t cold enough for it to last. In December it just went the same way and I was kinda shocked about my resistance to this kind of weather and temperature. I started thinking: ”Oh ok, that’s all?”. It was funny, after all! Läs mer

Hej folks!

Maybe you never notice, while you cross the streets of your city here in Sweden, but there is our silent invasion going on everyday, every year… there are lots of EVS volunteers all around Sweden!


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Volunteers in Alvesta,

presenting short (or almost short) sketch:

Iceberg: hidden life of the exhibition hall.


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