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    Here it is! Last summer workers week. Since it was last week we went a little bit easy. In this week we summarized all work we had done and presented it to everyone. So here how it all went.

    Not so lazy monday… If you remember På Ingån’s summer workers were preparing presentations about 5 different topics that is arts/crafts, martial arts, dance/theater, music and ball sports. And this monday was a day for those presentations to finally see daylight. There was a little twist! they had to prepare not just a presentation but also an activity for us so as you can imagine this day was quite interesting and we had variety of different activities. Besides that we learned a lot of new things about each topic we had arm wrestling competition, ball throwing competition, dancing around chairs game, we created figures/statues from newspapers and special glue/clay and we created SIP anthem! And it’s still not enough! After that we had a discussion about a day when we met politicians. Summer workers shared knowledge that they got in politicians answers to them. And after that we wrote thousands of notes because we missed each other over a weekend!11667438_785809558183749_5529710112810468003_n

    Celebration day! This day was a big day for all summer workers because they presented work they were working on for days! In the morning Therese informed us that on next day we are going to visit a Växjö hockey arena! And talked a bit more about it: rules, times etc… After that information we started to prepare our celebration! We moved all painted furniture in a nice place outside, planted flowers in a painted old tires, prepared fika and rehearsed SIP’s anthem. I hope you enjoyed this little celebration!

    Hockey arena day!!! We started a day with some energizers and easy games to move a little. And later we got what we were waiting for all day… We went to visit hockey arena!!! And it was AMAZING! We saw everything! backstage of the arena, locker rooms, VIP lounges… everything! There was really nice lady who was our guide and she told us a lot of stuff and answered all questions we had. She was so super nice that we even got a tickets for a hockey match!! Best day ever!11667438_785809551517083_6760467035116599634_n

    BBQ day! This day we went to Fyllerydskogen. We learned how to make bread on sticks! And then we cooked it in fire place. And then we had a Brännboll world championship! Weather was nice so everyone enjoyed this day.11059891_785812774850094_2326767966134154778_o

    Last day :/ So this was our last day… that means a lot of paperwork like filling in work times and other serious stuff.. But not to let our mood down we had fun being outside! We had balloons and water.. water + balloons.. I think you know where i’m going with this one. We played something similar to tennis outside just with sheets and balloons filled with water! In a middle we had a little fika to get some energy for next game! And then we played a concentration game where all you need to is throw ball to a next person as fast as possible, but to make it more interesting after some time we switched regular ball to a balloon filled with water!! Besides these games with balloons we had some other active games to run around a bit. After fun outside we came back inside for ending ceremony where we gave away those envelopes with thousands of notes! Cleaned place after ourselves one last time and said goodbye.11667438_785809554850416_858438447211189501_n

    So this is it! Now you at least know what På ingån’s summer workers were doing all those 3 noisy weeks. As you can see we didn’t run upstairs to make ceiling fall apart in first floor on purpose. We learn a lot of new things, improved SIP’s surroundings and had a great time doing it!

/ Marius Gribovskis, volunteer in På Ingån

   Hello there! Some time, vacation time, has passed from first blog text i wrote but I hope you are still interested what På Ingån’s summer workers were doing, well at least i am, so i’m going to tell you anyways! Since our summer workers got more closer in first week we were able to do more work in teams and groups. Thats how all of this went day by day.

   Monday… We started with presentation about Växjö kommun that Emilia prepared and presented to us excellently! No matter how good and interesting it was in order to survive all day in monday we needed all the energy we could get so we crawled out of comfortable couches and chairs to move a little bit. We tried to wake up energy spirits by shouting “Matinga!”, and by shouting i mean REALLY shouting! Energy spirits were keen to us and instead of being mad that we woke them up those spirits awarded our summer workers with precious energy we all needed. After we filled our bodies with energy summer workers started to work in their groups and continued to plan and prepare theirs big presentation! They had a lot of energy from energy spirits so they worked for quite some time on that, actually till the end of a day. And like always we ended day with cleaning after ourselves and writing nice notes to varandra and putting them in envelopes!

   Common day!! That means from 10 o’clock we are mixing summer workers from På Ingån and Globala and working together! but we still have to fill few hours till that so Therese explained to us what is sustainability and then we shared what is happening in our countries to achieve that. And when we hit 10 o’clock summer workers continued to paint outdoor furniture and old tires that they started to paint last week. They were really into it and did an amazing job!WP_20150623_10_36_23_Pro

   Wednesday was a little bit slow paced compared with common day. Main task for summer workers was to work on their own presentations in teams they picked last time (arts/crafts, martial arts, dance/theater, music and ball sports ). They had opportunity to go out in the city to research information about their topic for presentation. Of course to spice up a day we had some games to move around a little bit. And we ended day with writing nice notes!

   Outdoor day!!1!!! This day we went to university campus and found a nice place to stay near Trummen lake. First we divided them in presentation groups and had a little competition and then had a lot of activities! First one was to build a catapult from things they can find around in nature. They did a great job! those catapults fired further and stronger than i was expecting! After that they had to create fully functioning little eco system in a jar! We explained how it should be and they did it flawlessly. Those eco systems stayed alive long time after. next activity was more competitive and intense! They had a race! Which team will fill a bottle with water from a lake using a cup, one person at a time running to the lake for water and back. And last but not least Spider web! This game required a lot of teamwork! because they had to get to another side of that web without touching ropes and they could use one hole just a 2-3 times! It was nice to see them focused and helping each other. Thats how we ended this day with a good moods! No nice notes to each other today…11722591_785807304850641_8069426847333100244_o

   Friday! I call this day politics day! In the morning Amalia and Therese explained to us how local political system works, which parties exists and what you can do with it. After that summer workers prepared a lot of questions for politicians because we went to visit them!! How awesome is that? To visit a place where important decisions is made and meet those people who makes them, politicians, in person! They were really nice and were answering all our questions till we run out of them. After this visit we came back to write tons of nice notes to each other because day before we didn’t do it.WP_20150626_10_31_21_Pro

   Thats how second På ingån’s summer workers week went, day by day. There is one more week to write about so stay tuned!

/ Marius Gribovskis, volunteer in På Ingån


Are you out yet?! är en kort utbildning för dig som jobbar eller vill jobba med ungdomar och vill utveckla dina kompetenser inom ledarskap. Samtidigt får du träffa deltagare från olika länder och utbyta erfarenheter och få inspiration.

Om utbildningen
Mellan 17 och 28 augusti anordnar Globala Kronoberg en ledarskapsutbildning för ungdomsledare från hela Europa inom temat utomhusaktiviteter.
Utbildningen kommer att bestå av olika workshops, diskussioner och erfarenhetsutbyte. Deltagarna kommer från Sverige, Armenien, Spanien, Ungern, Malta, Cypern och Österrike. Läs mer