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Hello, my name is Hicham, I am 24 years old and I come from Marseille France, I have just finished my studies of accounting and before going into the working life, I wanted to travel and to discover the world.

In Marseille, I am part of an association called ”restos du coeur”, our role is to help homeless people, we bring them food, to warm them up, we help them in their efforts to reintegrate into the Life, but above all Speak with them to prevent them from feeling isolated or outside society, as ” Monique, our chef of the restaurants of hearts, says in Marseilles, we will not die of hunger but of loneliness ” . For me, it is very important to know and connect with other people, other associations, other cultures, because it allows me to get more competences and open in my association. Läs mer

Goodbye GOBI 2017!


It’s already passed one week since Go Out Be In V summer 2017 is ended. 

ph. Daniel Eklund

ph. Daniel Eklund

People are gone, Fyllerydstuga is ready to host other organizations and adventures, volunteers are back to ordinary life and Globala Kronoberg is back to office. Läs mer

During GOBI there’s one thema which is really the main issue of the week: SPORT!

And we’re lucky enough to have the possibility to access canoes to go through lake Toftasjon from Fylleryd to Sandsbro and learn how to use it thanks to our precious guide (who also owns out host home in the park!).

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