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Seems like we’ve lot of singers around Växjö!

On September 14th our monthly appointment with the Globala Kronoberg’s Language Meeting turned with a big big news this time: KARAOKE CORNER!

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Hej people!

Here’s Anna, volunteering in Alvesta from Ukraine.



Friday night. party hard.

”Fritid i Alvesta” is picking up mushrooms in the forest!

Talking about mushrooms is quite funny.

”Kolivan”, as I got to know today, really is called ”Karl Johan” (but Smålands accents are crazy a bit 🙂
also known in Ukraine as ”white”. This mushroom is ”one of the best” for Ukrainians or Spanians, but not for Sweds.

Also we have got amazing Blomkålssvamp today.

And it is saved in Red Book of Ukraine!



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Hejsan allihopa!

This is Servet again, shortly writing about my adventure in the first four month of EVS in Ljungby kommun.

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