Are you dancing or working? How is it to work in a dance school?

Dance, FIKA, Performance, Coziness, Stage, Renovation, Music, Creativity, Family…
(so a few words from Serghei, about his experience of being a volunteer in Kulturama Preparandum )

How would you connect all these words in one expression? After 10 months I spent in Sweden I will definitely say just: Kulturama Preparandum. Kulturama is a dance school where I got lucky to do my volunteering project in Växjö. This place is not only just a school. Here, students, teachers and even me (volunteer who came for a couple months) feel at home. There is no exact explanation of this phenomenon, but I will try to tell you some of my experiences at Kulturama and you’ll make your own conclusion.

I couldn’t expect anything before coming to Sweden since I had never worked in schools before. The only thing I knew was my job assignments list, which actually was pretty promising.

First days at work, I was introduced to twice more Swedish traditions, such as fika, passa på and allemansrätten (if you are not familiar with those, check my previous blog-post) than to my work duties. I felt a bit confused, since I was prepared to work a lot, but the only thing we did a lot was fika. After two or three months I realised that it wasn’t a lot, it was just enough to get to know and get used to each other. 

But those were only my first days. Of course after some time, I finally started mixing fika with work. And what can I say, work at Kulturama is so amazingly diverse that there is no way to get bored. My tasks literally are very different in regards to complexity and creativity. Some days I can feel myself a Cinderella, dancing with the mop in the facilities or wiping up the windows. But when it comes to the important things, I also do not stand aside. Since the main activity is dance, of course the school can not exist without some performances. Thus I always have the opportunity to help in the organizational process of a dance performance or show. I got some really important tasks like taking care of the stage lights or recording the show and many others. 

But coming back to feelings. Why does everyone consider Kulturama as it’s second home

I even heard a story about a dance teacher who used to live at school some time. It actually wasn’t so legal, so he had to move once being discovered, but in that case Kulturama became a real home for that person.

Okay, that was just a single case, but still most of the visitors feel so warm about this school. Why? I think the answer is simple. Main reason is of course people who are working here, as I used to say Kulturama family. I’ve worked in different places before, but never had the same experience as here. Have you ever spent a weekend with your boss, picking up blueberries in the forest or doing moose safary? I was. Did you bake the most delicious muffins with your colleagues at your workplace (unless you are a confectioner)? I did. Have you ever been invited to a live performance of a local band by a band member, who is also one of your colleagues? I was. 

I could continue this list much longer. There were so many pleasant moments that I barely remember only the biggest part. 

Working at Kulturama was an incredible experience and I am very grateful to each and everyone who keeps this place cozy and even a bit magical.

And I’m still looking forward to do more things. I still have one month left.

Serghei good luck during the last month and after the project. We are so lucky to have you here!
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