Day 4 of GOBI

Here we have another blog post from a participant from this year’s GOBI.
This is written on the fourth day when we went to Växjö to explore the city.

DAY 4. Urban outdoors: Kindness in Växjö 
The fourth day of this adventure was really interesting and nice. We went to the city centre of  Växjö for the first time and we had fun together. In the morning we were divided into 5 teams and we played a game in order to get to know the city. We had to answer some questions about the most important places in Växjö (for example: write the name of the hotel in front of the library and take a picture of it or go to a second-hand shop and ask where money people pay go). It was funny: we discovered the city while we were playing.  In the afternoon we played a really nice game: we had to do some stuff with people we met around the streets, like “HUG AND KISS A STRANGER!”, “GO IN A SHOP AND SCREAM YOUR NAME”. The activity was about kindness: we tried to be nice and polite with people we met and gave positive energy. We understood that if you are kind to other people, they will be too (maybe!). We learnt a great lesson: make another person happy could change your day, by making them smile you could change their day too. We should play this game every day because sweetness and kindness make life more beautiful. Then we visit “SIP” and we were informed about some activities and volunteering. In the end, we had dinner together (PIZZA!)  and returned back to Osaby.

This was just a small part of all that we did during GOBI. If you want to see more of what we were up to, check out this link.