Don’t worry, sunny days will come to Sweden! (Kerian’s blogpost)

Hi, new year, new us? We are just in search of new volunteers for our office (the deadline is today 17th January 2020, so hurry up!). But new year also means new adventures and great stories. Today’s blogpost is from Kerian who joined our wonderful team of volunteers a couple of months ago. Go ahead and read what he thinks about Sweden :).

Hej Hej! My name is Kerian, I’m from France and I’m back in Växjö for 10 months!

I chose to do my EVS in Sweden because I’ve always wanted to visit Nordic countries, learn more about manual work and improve my English because I really need it!

For me this EVS is a way how to get out of my comfort zone, it’s an opportunity to learn and grow, professionally and personally.

I came here without any experience in construction but I joined the practical team and I do different manual work (work with wood, painting, electricity…) so I learn a lot of things every day!

Yeah that’s me in my super work clothes 😉

Now I’m in Växjö for the second time, I’m really happy to be here! During the first month I walked a lot in the city, around the lake and the forest!

I met a lot of people here and now I have Swedish friends! We live in the same villa so we often go out and party together. I really enjoy it!

November was a bit hard for me because of the weather, we had only 3 hours of sun so for a French guy who lives in the south of France, like me, it can be a reason not to feel so good (I really miss it :p), but I keep in mind that I’m lucky to be here in Sweden, sunny days will come for sure!

There are some differences between France and Sweden, from what I´ve seen people are respectful of everything, especially when crossing the road as a pedestrian! In France cars never stop! When I came back for Christmas holidays, I almost got run over because I got used to Swedish courtesy!

When I go out in the city to party with friends, it’s always a friendly atmosphere even police and security are helpful and nice, where I live it’s not like that at all!

I don’t know why but fast food has better taste in Sweden than France, especially McDonald’s! But for me there is no better than MAX! It’s the best fast food I ever tried! You should try it if you come to Sweden!

Sweden is a beautiful country, nature is everywhere and landscapes are amazing (when it’s not raining!). I really like to just chill in front of the lake!

To finish this little blogpost, thanks to this volunteering I discover a lot of things and meet new friends and I´ve only been here for three months so I can’t wait to see the continuation of this adventure!

We truly believe that the best memories are yet to come and Kerian will learn more than he could ever think of. Having him back is proving that Kronobergs län is not only a great place where to do volunteering activities, but also that the organizations we cooperate with are doing a great job.

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