One month of Valerio

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a volunteer in Växjö?

A simple trick that can change your life! This Italian guy is living abroad for FREE!

“Clickbait”? Never heard of it.

My name is Valerio and I’m a volunteer for the EVS project here in Sweden.

Me in my best cleaning outfit.

The important things you should know about me are: I have very broad tastes and I enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities, I can bake but I can’t cook and lastly I have no idea on what I’m doing with my life most of the time.

Biscuits I’ve made here in Sweden, they taste better than they look. And they don’t look that bad!

But that last point is actually related to why I’m typing this introduction.

I mainly came here in Sweden in search of myself. I could have tried a mirror, but I figured the crystalline waters of the lakes here would sound more romantic.

One of the many beautiful views I’ve seen here.

Other reasons include how cool the native language sounds and the appealing idea of working with cute animals, but I’ll get back on this one later.

For now I’ll tell you that back in Italy I’ve graduated in a technical High School where I studied computers. Even though I liked programming and such, I believe I can find something that will engage me even more.

To grasp that, I’m trying as many new things as I can while doing my best at opening up for change.

And so here I am working in a farm, something completely new for me.

The work environment in 4H-gård is so very positive and I’ve learned so many things. The animals are lovable and they alone would be worth the plane ticket (which is reimbursed anyway)!

Norpan, my favourite pony. Sorry Agge, Silva and Spirit.

It’s unbelievable how much support I got from Globala, Associazione Joint (my sending organisation) and the other volunteers and I’m so grateful.

It’s been a month since I arrived and I can already tell it’s been one of the best choices of my life.

Lots of love and positive vibes to whoever made it this far!

And if you liked the photos feel free to follow me on Instagram @valerio_ventiquattro or search for #ESCKronoberg or #EVSKronoberg.


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