Global Earth

The month of March with our Volunteer Marija

A full shedule in March

Besides an overwhelming feeling of welcoming sun back to the town, this March was a quite interesting month because we had a variety of things to work on – from an  8th of March event Fokus på kvinnor, over final reports during the month, and as the cherry the top we were focusing on Earthweek. As Wikipedia explains Earthweek is an entire week of activities focused on the environmental issues that the world faces.
Earthweek in Sweden comes each year at the end of March.  It’s a bit earlier then I got used to since back in Balkan (where I am from) we focus on the topic mainly during April, but it was just the right time anyway because we got to organize two events and contribute at least a bit when it comes to the raising awareness.

A picture from Globala Kronobergs Civil Courage Workshop with Thea

Earthweek Workshop

Making Organic Deodorants and planting seeds

A picture from our natural cosmetics workshop

The first event was a workshop conducted together with Match Ideas and ABF and participants had a chance to learn more about planting and making natural non-toxic deodorant (that works) at IOGT-NTO Kronoberg, on Monday, 25th of March. It is very empowering to see that others are willing to support this kind of activities and thanks to Aromia med vänner and Nelson Garden that provided us with necessary materials we had close to 30 people that planted their seeds and/or made their deodorants and got to have fika that included rescued fruits from a local store!

Marija, Linnea and Erik (ABF), the organizers of our Eartweek Workshop

Cultural Presentation from Taiwan at Växjö Library

The second activity was just our well known cultural evening at Växjö Bibliotek but with a very special presentation about Taiwan and its landscapes, from ocean fauna over tropical areas up to mountains. On sunny Friday, 29th of March we enriched ourselves with knowledge about the culture different than the one in Sweden, and besides that around 12 visitors had a chance to try stick sweet and spring onion pancake, fika typical for Taiwan.

Yongli is holding a presentation about the nature and enviornment in Taiwan.

This was a short summary of the week and the month behind us.
Personally it was an important week because the first event was partially organized by me. As a volunteer, I had a chance to learn many things and to work independently on this kind of events is one of them.  I like it here in Sweden because it is lagom and that is my cup of tea!

April has arrived it’s not an April fool’s joke that 4 of our long term volunteers just ended their EVS. We are grateful that Lena, Klara, Jurek, Pietro were with us but at the same time sad to continue without them – but a good thing is that we are about to receive new volunteers and that we are in search for social mentors for them so they could fit into the society smoothly and make the most out of the experience that they are about to gain by helping Kronoberg to develop its diversity. If you are interested please feel free to let us know at

Inspirational tips regarding Earthweek and Growing.

Thank you for reading and please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Have a lovely May ahead of you! I hope you had a chance to attend some of the events mentioned above! If you were not reached by a piece of information about events, and you are interested in our work, feel free to follow us on our social media accounts as well as the SIP’s event calendar in order not to miss any of the upcoming events.

Marija Matic