EVS volunteer diary: Dogwalk with TLC!

Hej folks!
It’s Debora here.


We are now in deep winter, it means for me feeling sleepy all the tima and have lots of warm fika.

We are also going to finish our one-year term EVS soon next month, and I’m also feeling sad for that…
You know what is good when you’re feeling sad? Have a dog next to you!

As you may know, SIP is a big network of organizations focused on different topics. One of these is TLC (Tender Loving Caring) taking care of small and sweet animals, the bff of human beings <3


So we in Globala Kronoberg are having ”hundpromenad” (dogwalk) once per week, to help TLC with the lovely dogs they host while their families have some busy time.

It is so awesome how quiet and sweet they are, and the time spent with them is so much joyful and relaxing while also enjoying the nature of the greenest city of Europe.


I’d love to work like this forever!!

Kisses to you all, from animals and humans XOXO

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