French + Swedish culture = ?

Let me introduce myself first, I’m Marion, a French volunteer, living and working in Alvesta. My EVS project is to work in Alvesta Exhibition Hall with an Italian guy, Damiano (I think you already know him, but find a nice pic of him matching with a wall). 

I’m in Sweden for, almost, 6 months and it’s my first blog post because I was lazy (or busy but lazy) to write something before. However, it’s time to fight against this laziness by writing something nice about my EVS project and my life in Alvesta.

6 month is quite a long time, it’s impossible for me to write about my whole life in Sweden, thus I thought of making a crossword with important stuff from my EVS!!! I also think it’s much funnier than just reading a blogpost!!! 

I hope you enjoyed finding the words. I also wanted to show you the beauty of Alvesta and its people (they are the best). Even though I come from a bigger city and I like cities, I think living in Alvesta is nice especially thanks to the café St. Clair, but I’ll write about it next time 😉 

Puss puss 

Marion is the funny one among us and she always brightens up everyone’s day. If you are heading to Alvesta, don’t miss Utställningshall’s new exhibition called UPCYCLING. You might be also lucky to see there Marion or Damiano.

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