More than chicken chasing and goat park building: what I’m doing in Växjö 4H-gård, my Hosting Organisation.

Time flies incredibly quickly… Do you still remember that Italian guy who introduced himself with words: “I have no idea on what I’m doing with my life most of the time.”? Now (less lost, yet still witty) he is describing his project role and what it is like to volunteer at Växjö 4H-gård.

Hej, hej! Valerio here.

Six months have passed since my arrival in Sweden and I think it’s about time I share something about my work at Växjö 4H-gård.

4H is an international non-profit organisation which helps youth all around the world to develop different competences and life skills.

The name comes from its original motto “head, heart, hands, and health” (and luckily enough it also works in Swedish: “huvud, hjärta, hand, hälsa”!).

Växjö 4H-gård is one of the many 4H clubs in the world and Sweden.

My tasks there are really varied as working in a farm involves a lot of different things.

Summarising a lot, it’s mainly taking care of animals, doing activities together with the children and helping to make sure everything looks nice.

It’s true that there’s a lot to do, but I find this all very engaging!

I’ve learned even more things than expected and I’ve certainly become more proud of my handiness. There’s still a lot of room for improvement though, especially in the Swedish language department. But for that spending time with the kids here certainly helps.

The goat playground we built together with the efter-skolan grupp.

I also had the chance to bond with a lot of different people and, of course, animals. Both kinds of interaction really helped me grow as a person.

All the animals here have a gentle soul.

I look forward to continuing this project and truth to be told the idea that it will be over sooner than I’ll realise is bittersweet, but I’ll make the best of the time I still have.


Being around Valerio is always refreshing and you can see why. He is only in the middle of his project, yet proved us how much one can grow. It will be delighting to be around and see the impact of such an experience with our own eyes.

If you are interested, we are inviting you to fika and to play some game on 18 October. Here you can read more. (FYI: It’s going to be in English!)

Och om du är intresserad, så kommer vi den 18:e oktober bjuda på fika och spela lite spel. Här kan du läsa mer. (OBS: Det kommer att vara på engelska!)

Glöm inte att följa oss på sociala medier