Alvesta 2030: What was it like to prepare the vernissage?

The volunteering work at Alvesta Utställningshall (the Exhibition Hall) consits of marketing, preparing exhibitions and vernissages, graphic designing and a lot of other work. The soft skills are needed.

Damiano (Italy) and Marion (France) are volunteering there and they make up an essential part of this place. More than one week ago they prepared a vernissage for the newest exhibition Alvesta 2030. Have you been there yet? Damiano revels a bit about what to expect.

Working in an Exhibition Hall gives you the possibility to come across every kind of exhibition. Some of them have just the simple purpose of fascinating the viewers, others focus their attention on leaving a message to the public, which could be criticism or even just information about something in particular.

The current exhibition, for example, is about plastic and what we can do to reduce its amount. The name is ”Alvesta 2030”.

How will Alvesta change if we start to fight the use of plastic and the overproduction of C02? Which methods are more effective and which ones are not?

The goal of the exhibition is to make understand the visitors that each one of us can make the difference, ”big changes start with small steps”.

We don’t need to wait for the politicians or organizations to do something, every person can do simple acts on its own.

This is why when we first start speaking about this exhibition, I personally felt invested; the idea of spreading awareness and work close to people who fight every day against climate change has been challenging and fascinating at the same time.

Everyone is welcome at the Alvesta Exhibition Hall: recycled clothes, a lamp made with nothing else than recycled plastic bottles, tons of suggestions on how to reuse disposable objects and more.

The plastic exhibition opened on the 20th of October and a lot of people came for the vernissage, which means a lot of work for us volunteers and the staff of the exhibition hall. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much we worked, the important thing is that people enjoyed the exhibition and that they went home with something.

To conclude, working at an exhibition is exciting because you never know what the next exhibition will be about and it’s a never-ending surprise that I hope could inspire people who come visiting it.

Globala Kronoberg was at the vernissage too and gives it 10 out of 10! So don’t forget to stop by!

Thank You, Damiano, for sharing Your volunteering experience at Alvesta Utställningshall.

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