Living with flatmates

”When I was young I always dreamed of living in a shared apartment with roommates: memorable movie nights, cheerful cooking sessions, phenomenal party evenings, ugh, it always seemed like a never ending sleepover. But, let me tell you what living with other people is actually like at times. 

Did you ever want to drive onto the highway from the traffic acceleration lane during rush hour, while all the other cars rush along the highway, giving you no chance to change lanes? Well, then you now know what living in a shared house of five people feels like to me. In our villa we have different rush hours for the different rooms: the morning rush hour in the bathroom, the nightly rush hour in the kitchen and the all-daylong rush hour in the laundry room. Just when you are getting ready to change the lane and for instance want to use the washing machine -poof- someone else rushed in before you and occupied it already.  The road traffic regulation that applies in our house is: the fastest wins, no speed limits in this house! 

However, it may now seem as though I absolutely despise living with roommates. This is absolutely not the case: to be honest I LOVE it! 

Despite the crazy traffic in the villa, it actually feels like the never ending sleepover I always dreamed of as a child. Every weekend we have cooking nights, where we make delicious feasts with meals from all over the world. For now we had: “Schnitzel”, “tortilla de patatas”, “fondants au chocolat” and many more, while looking forward to even more!  On top of that, we also have weekly movie nights, where we all gather in our living room, make popcorn and watch movies with our super cool and sophisticated video projector. And now to my personal favorite: the phenomenal party evenings. Volume of the music box up to the top, tune in our favorite song “Hey Baby (Uhh Ahh)” by DJ Ötzi and the party is ready to start! 

In Summary, I guess one could say that living with roommates feels like driving to an amazing never ending sleepover, but on the way to get there you`re stuck in a crazy traffic. But, although the road to the destination is a little bit bumpy at times, the moment you reach your goal, all of this is forgotten and you are just happy and excited to spend time with your friends at the sleepover. This is exactly how I feel: sometimes I get a bit stressed during rush hour (especially when I really have to pee while the bathroom is occupied for what feels like years to my bladder☹), but when the fun times begin all of this is forgotten and I am simply grateful for my Swedish family and the fun time we get to spend together in our villa by the lake.”


This is me:

  • My name is Ida & I am a 20 year old from Stuttgart, Germany.
  • During my ESC I am working at the 4h farm in Växjö, where I help with the daily animal routines and anything else that needs to be done on the farm.