How can I volunteer in Europe with all the expenses covered?

Imagine yourself enjoying the sun on a Spanish beach while volunteering on a project that you are passionate about! Well, this is possible! You can choose the European country that you like the most and the project that really resonates with you. 

If you a youth (18 to 30) interested in travelling, knowing other cultures and living abroad, keep reading, because doing a volunteer with the European Solidarity Corps program might be the answer. 

Long Term Volunteering 

Trough the program European Solidarity Corps you can apply to a long term volunteering project, from two months to twelve months, in another European country. You can choose the projects that you like the most and apply. 

How can I apply in a volunteering project? 

  1. Create a profile in the European Solidarity Corps website
  2. Follow all the steps. Introduce your CV and all the data required.
  3. Take a look at the projects: you can search them by the country, thematic and start date. 
  4. Apply to the projects you like the most.
  5. The organization/s that like your profile will contact you for an interview.
  6. Prepare the interview and do it! 
  7.  If they say YES, first CONGRATULATIONS!! Then, contact us ( and we’ll guide you with the next steps and do all the paperwork required (for free). 

Which expenses I have covered while I am volunteering abroad? 

  1. Travel tickets. You’ll get the reimbursement up to X amount of money. 
  2. Pocked money
  3. Food money
  4. Accommodation covered 
  5. Transport in the town/city 
  6. Language course 

*Plus, you have a health insurance.

We know that, right now, travelling abroad can be more challenging due to Covid-19, but there are plenty of projects where you can apply, and you can contact us if you have any doubts. Volunteering abroad is still possible!