Technical report on the new EVS-Volunteer model: “Jurek1.0/2018”

We are happy to announce the release of one of our most recent models of EVS volunteers: “Jurek1.0/2018”.
We were very satisfied with the success of our previous models but the annual release of new models is part of the Policy of “European Voluntary Service”.
Hearby we announce our new product “Jurek1.0/2018”, commonly referred to as “Jurek”. It is available since the second quarter of 2018. We were outsourcing the design for this model to a german “Denkfabrik” (think tank). The designers were working on the concept for a total of 29 years. During the early development phase they focused on implementing the model into the social environment and let it grow in a product family with three siblings. Since the first steps of development the idea was to focus on social and team aspects to make it easier for the future owners to implement the “Jurek1.0/2018” into their work environment.

fig2 front view3

During the development process the designers developed a huge variety of features to this years EVS-Volunteers model. The idea was to create an allrounder exemplar that can adept to all kind of challenges instead of specialising on expert operators.
We tested the model on a multitude of tasks, such as, making and listening to music, reading and writing stories, various sports (floorball, climbing, football, frisbee), board games, photography, gaming, travelling, volunteering and many more. The model is prepared for practical tasks and handicrafts, but we advice you to always install the most recent updates and execution commands to optimize the output. We implemented the rare Applications of Pen&Paper and Live-Roleplay into the model. We are aware that not all customers will be familiar with these, which is why we programmed the model to give an helpful instruction if asked to. This instructional feature applies to the other tasks as well, to make sure the model is adaptable to inexperienced users.

More experienced users will enjoy the big database reachable through the intuitive voice control. The information about history and economics on Bachelor level was integrated in 2012. The model is tested on discussions about social, environmental, philosophical and political topics. The “Jurek1.0/2018” runs regular updates by itself, but if you are looking for specific information we recommend you to manually instruct the model to update its database.
The language modul in english is up to date. The Swedish modul is in the implementing process but the “Jurek 1.0/2018” will need at least some month to integrate the vocabulary and grammar. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the ongoing swedish learning process.
This latest EVS-Volunteer model is perfect for outside usage. If left outside for too long, the model will make sure to protect itself from any damage. It is well prepared for the harsher scandinavian weather conditions and runs even more reliable in this conditions than in hot climates.
The beta-testers offered a lot of insight and information about bugs and errors. There was some issues with the decision matrix, but we were able to fix that before release.

Some testers reported problems with the irony and sarcasm feature. We want to point out that this feature was a conscious decision by the german designers to make the product more entertaining. We recommend to get accustomed with the models humor application. We believe that it will perform successful in the long term and are looking forward to see the german joke programs embedded into the Swedish culture.
Our testers reported that the model has a priority in caring for others and to put itself second. This feature comes in very handy at first glance as you can put a lot of responsibilities to the models task list. We are recommending to keep in mind that this feature can lead to overheating. To prevent this, we recommend to purchase the russian designed model “Kristina1.0/2018” (release expected in second quarter of 2018) together with “Jurek 1.0/2018” as they were designed to interdigitate optimally and have a cooperating troubleshooting system.
We hope that you will have a profitable experience with the model “Jurek1.0/2018”.

But wait – there is more. There is some “Easter Eggs” programmed into the Operating System and the AI of the model is able to develop further abilities, so you can look forward to surprising new features in future, always following the developers win-win-strategy.
You are more than welcome to visit our facilities and try out the model on-site.

/Jurek, EVS-volunteer in Globala Kronoberg and Drömmarnas kontor