Välkommen på workshop ”Coloured Glasses” 20 mars

Reflections on intercultural understanding

Have you ever wondered how your experiences, culture and friends shape your attitudes and your ways to see the world? We will help you find out through Coloured Glasses, a workshops held by the organisation Youth for Understanding Sweden YFU Sweden

The Coloured Glasses program uses glasses as an analogy: We all wear a pair of glasses that influence how we see the world. As we grow, our glasses are changed by our experiences. Every encounter leaves different colours on our glasses and change our perspectives. Coloured glasses workshop aims to help young people examine their own attitudes toward their culture, as well as to increase understanding of other cultures and global issues.

Coloured Glasses Workshop is designed to challenge your usual thinking! Welcome to this “challenge” on the 20th march at 15.30, at Globala Kronoberg.

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