Alternative ”Jultid” during EVS!

Spending a long time abroad, far away from your family and friends can be hard.

It’s even harder, during Christmas time, but if you are willing to experience the full package, hear our story of our 2017 “Jultid”.
My girlfriend and I decided not to go back to Hungary, but to stay in Sweden for the Holidays.
We were curious about the famous celebrations of the Swedish people, the decorating lights on every corner when its the darkest outside.

But to make it a bit special, we didn’t want to stay in town, so we registered on a pet-sitting website, where you can pick from of a dozen of opportunities, to keep your travels low budget, and also fill your need of petting a cute animal (like we had so badly :). This is how we visited the artistic city of Borås.
After we arrived, we took the chance to visit downtown. It was surprising, to see all the solid beauty, what it had to offer.

24068478_10212646031419980_3228898946311777628_o 24068617_10212646044660311_6481203821206974727_o ohijio






It was one of the most memorable place we have visited so far in Sweden. And after it went dark and cold, at home two lovely cats waited for us – shy in the beginning, but cuddly in the end.
We even managed to travel to Göteborg the next day, and spend a lovely time there.
All in all, we could check the town off our ¨have to visit¨ list, and though we were a bit homesick, the experience was definitely worth it.


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