EVS Winter tales

Hej! It’s EVS volunteer Debora writing here.

New year came and my EVS experience in Sweden is soon to end in March.

It is crazy to think I was here for almost 4 whole seasons already! And, since I come from the very south of Italy, at first winter was the most scary part of the adventure to come. In my city it NEVER EVER snow, or even reach zero degrees of temperature, so I’m totally not used to a white Christmas or a snowy daily life.

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It started snowing just a bit in late November, but it wasn’t cold enough for it to last. In December it just went the same way and I was kinda shocked about my resistance to this kind of weather and temperature. I started thinking: ”Oh ok, that’s all?”. It was funny, after all!

Christmas celebration and atmosfere in  Sweden starts way earlier than December!
The city got bright and decorated by plenty of stars, led lights, candles and chandeliers in November already.


We can resume the Swedish traditional December in 3 images:

Sweden goes crazy for Lucia. The Italian saint girl here became a symbol of light and hope for the people in the dark nordic winter time. During the week of December 13th the shops are full of Lussekatter all around, they are traditional Lucia’s sweets made of saffron and raisins.
Same kind of spices are put in Glogg, the traditional Christmas time hot wine. Most of the time I found the non-alcoholic version in Sweden (the Country have very stricted alcohol rules, especially in the working places of course!), but I found a traditional alcoholic Swedish Glogg in Denmark instead, and it was amazing!

  1. Lucia Day ; 2) Lussekatter ; 3) Glogg ;

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If you’re working or living in Sweden and it comes to Christmas, you will eventually end up having a series of Julbord in the weeks before the 25th. This is a very lively occasion to celebrate all together with collegues and friends of your workplace. I gained 3 kg just thanks to these parties before holidays!!


Since it was to late to regret having gained kilos, I decided to eat as much as holidays permitted. So me and my boyfriend enforced the Christmas warm atmosphere baking at home some Swedish traditional Kanelbullar!
I have to say, it is difficult to reach the sweetness perfection of the ones you buy in cafè for fika. But we tried!



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