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It was the end of May and the sun informed us that Sweden could be unpredictable. Summer was coming in a full swing and not long after our arrival to Växjö it was a time to pack all over again.

Nine EVS volunteers from a hosting organization – Globala Kronoberg, were invited to a training which was hosted by the National Agency of Sweden a.k.a. MUCF.

The training was based on an on-arrival concept and it was held in Stockholm at Bromma folkhögskola– a lovely venue next to a naturreservat.

A purpose of the on-arrival training is to introduce volunteers more precisely about a chapter of their lives which they are about to start. The National Agency provides brief information about the whole experience and opportunities through a series of activities led by trainers or youth workers during four days.The Lake and Nature


During the first day, after three hours of a train ride and few metro changes – when we finally succeeded to reach the school, it was interesting to see all those new faces and see that we are not the only confused ones. Actually, not all of us were confused, but considering that some volunteers are older than others they, at least, looked more confident. Since the European Voluntary Service is available for youngsters from 18-30, the age range was more or less the same among us.

The first day was based on an official introduction part with team-building activities afterwards. Twenty-something of us from all around Europe and over had a chance to meet and learn more about each other and ourselves, that day.

Both exhausted from a travel and joyful, the whole group – few of those chosen to give a contribution, head to the hotel to rest and prepare for the next day.

Formally the second day started, and our first session was about informal and non-formal learning and throughout the day we spoke about getting involved in a local community, our expectations and Youthpass certificate as a tool.

At the end of the day we were looking forward to spending some good time with other volunteers within a hotel we were at. That idea was good because we had a chance to speak and learn more about each other’s perspective of the EVS. Personally, I found it very useful because we had good preparation for the next day and for meeting the National Agency.

The National Agency shared with us some useful information about the programme and answered on many of our questions. Also, we got informed that they are moving to Växjö in February of 2019. I find it very good that the capital is getting decentralized.

The same day after a lunch it was a time to go and explore the city. People were excited and mainly in a rush because Stockholm is full of a wide range of activities to attend but we had only that afternoon.

The afternoon we spent in the city centre was special but also very individual experience. Metro, Historiska museum, Moderna museum, walk next to the harbour, guided tours and ferry ride are my absolute favourites.

The last day was predetermined for evaluation and „Hej då, vi ses!“

Overall, the training itself was quite interesting and empowering experience.

I appreciate this supporting method for volunteers because it makes everything easier.

I am lucky because the introduction that my supervisors gave me was detailed, but it was obvious that not everyone had the same level of introduction.


If you managed to read it all out I want to thank you! It is also good to let you know that I plan to make more content about being a volunteer on my personal blog too, so keep on reading and take care until the next time.