Leny’s EVS experience

LenyHi ! I’m Leny, I am 21 years old only and I live in Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey in France. I studied in a commercial school during 3 years. And after this, I obtained my driver’s license. Just before to come in Globala Kronoberg, I worked in a plastic factory during 6 months. I have a lot of hobby like to do all kinds of sports, play video games of course, go out with my friends, to enjoy my life !

I decided to be a volunteer because I need to do an other life start. I realized in France this monotony (Metro,work,sleep) wasn’t made for me and I needed to moved, to tried others way to works, to discovered others mentalities and cultures. I also wanted to work in associations because I like to help peoples who need something that I can bring.

My first time in Sweden was intense in the beginning because I was so exited to discover this beautiful country. The travel, on the other hand was a quite stressful, that was the first time for me that I took the plane alone but it went well. I also had luck because there was a other French volunteer and I met a lot of peoples and he helped me to improve my English.

I worked in the practical team so I done some manuals works like building shells, cut woods with the saw, weld metal, gardening and a lot of others things… Martin was my supervisor during this EVS he gave to me tasks to accomplish. Oftentimes I worked binomial with Tanoun a Swedish guy native of Thailand.

In the middles of my EVS, all the practical team took vacation so I had to change team and I moved in a other one for learned some computer’s skills and also done some tasks that my supervisor gave to me.

The best experience for me was when I cut and solder the metal it was very exciting for me because that was the first time for me that I done something like that. I also love when I drove the Ford Focus for going to the villa I really looked like a dad…

After the EVS I’ll do a other one. This volunteering will during 10 months and I’ll go to the Netherlands. And After I will love to work in the international ONG called Amnesty because this is my dream…