New Kid In (the) Town

While this kid was listening to The Eagles in her green hometown – Sombor (Serbia), she could not imagine that her new home is going to become something that amazing as Växjö where she listens to seagulls. Magnificent surroundings graced by trees between you can discern domes of the castle by the lake.

As it can be seen she knows something about old school music but in the same time Marija a.k.a. @primadonnology is just a curious child which believes in fairytales. But those nice stories are the reason why she dreams big and does not settle unless the thing she wants is there.

The poetic soul which strives towards integrity. Highly interested in life and it’s beauties gratefully takes any opportunity to travel, and explore.
A blog seemed like a proper way to share her ideas and experiences, since social media is her thing, so she works on it besides engagement at the Projektor as an EVS volunteer.

The reason for this EVS adventure is not even close to a simple decision making. It would sound rational if we describe it as a process of growth before she enrols a university and stuck within the machine, but as an act of inspiration towards her peers on the pathway of becoming a youth worker.

Marija has started to volunteer when she was 15 at a local theatre. Step by step she has been learning and attending a wide range of activities outside of the school and that brought her to the conclusion that her passion for art, culture, and communication can serve others by being an activist.

The inspiration for many things in her life came from her sister Tamara and few very close friends. She appreciates loyalty, emotional literacy and personal/relation development above any circumstance.
Besides her circles and emotional attachments, she is very opened person and always interested in some deep-talk fika, quality sound, interesting photography, and a movie or delicious food.

She can’t wait to meet locals and adapt as other newcomers.
But first of all her hopes are high so she is going to focus on building herself through the contribution to the others.

And you, where do you want to go?

Marija look at the horizont