EVS switch: Daniel from Globala to Alvesta!


Hej, it’s EVS volunteer Daniel here!

I want to tell you about my experience I had last week. I got the chance to work on a different place then the usual SIP office, and visit Alvesta Utställningshall.

Globala’s volunteers Anna and Vanessa used to work here, but since their EVS period is over, the Exhibition Hall lacks the help they were to this place, so there I came in the picture.

For two days I have been working on installing a new exhibition about the Smålandska house-culture.
I have to be honest, in this short I have learned much more about the Swedish (or at least the Smålandska) culture, then I did in the last few months I’ve spent here.
And this is thanks to the two great women who work there giving all their hearts, Veronica Wiman the new curator of the place, and Katinka Schartau, the motor of the whole thing. They were so nice and committed to the exhibition, like I haven’t seen lately in other people.

The station is a unique place to work. You hear people downstairs coming and going, trains outside whistling as they arrive and leave, and this whole background noise is somehow makes you as calm as never before.

I recommend for everyone just to go upstairs, sit on a desk and stay quiet for a couple of minutes in the midst of the bustle.
Maybe you will hear the echo of old Smålandska time.